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Farina – A Cassava by Product

Cassava has the ability to create so many by products it fascinates me, as well as creates a desire to explore unlimited boundaries.

What is Farina?

Farina is what remains after juices from the Cassava has been removed. It’s dry and tasteless but extraordinary. Farina resembles grains once processed. It can be used as a porridge with milk, with meat or fish as coating, to create starters like avocado balls and stew salted fish and salad.

It features allow diversity from puddings to soup, as a thickening agent, flavouring meat, chicken, added to cake, to preserve meat in the form of cassareep.

Are you not astonished yet? All of these products are created with cassava, the knowledge, it’s uses and benefits to our daily life.

Farina can be stored for a very long period on your shelf or in your cupboard. It is an acquired taste, but once you have mastered it’s uses you will be dragged into a world of adventure.

Captivating right! Well there is more, we have turned it into a cocktail, rum punch and dessert. Once farina is consumed it is filling, you will not be hungry for hours. Well that’s beneficial if you have long working days or on the run.

Remember the key to our products.

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