Just one taste...that’s all it takes

With over four decades of experience processing cassava, Zur Gluten Free Ltd has developed an innovative twist on catering to the dietary needs of those who are coeliac, diabetic, or desire substantial dietary health benefits.

Our tradition of processing cassava has been passed down through many generations of both Caribbean and African influence. Zur Gluten Free Ltd uses the unique method of processing farina, a cereal based product, as a central ingredient to our gluten free cassava bread. In our recipe we include a dynamic blend of sweet potato, quinoa and teff grain to satisfy our customers with mouth-watering, authentic taste. 

As the founder of Zur Gluten Free Ltd, I, Rosario Wilson, believe that gluten free products can be both healthy and flavourful. My mission is to provide customers with food that has a positive impact on both their personal health and attitudes. 

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Director and Founder

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Contact Details: 

Zur Gluten Free Ltd
98 Rutland Garden,
N4 1JR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)7821 743 744

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